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Area Attractions 

The Avalon Peninsula is full of different events, festivals, sites, sounds and attractions.   When planning your trip to Newfoundland, we understand you want to take in as much of these as possible. To help you in your vacation planning we have composed a list of attractions that highly recommended by previous Comerford's guests. As Comerford's is in the heart of the Avalon, you'll cut down your driving and see more of these great attractions below. If our suggestions don't "tickle your fancy" than take a look at the list of popular travel sites as well. If you have any questions about these locations please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Looking for a recommendation? Click the "Read More" button for a write up on some great attractions in our area!

George Cove Mountain

Holyrood, NL


Interested in seeing a view like the one in the picture to the left? Then look no further than Holyrood. George Cove Mountain is a 10-15 minute incline hike off of Salmonier Line. Home to Holyrood's famous Cross, thousands of people hike the mountain to take in this facinating view each summer. 


Holyrood, NL


One of the provinces best Festivals is located right here in Holyrood. SquidFest usually takes place the 3rd weekend in July. With the best newfoundland bands accompanied by the spectacular scenery of the Holyrood waterfront, this is a festival you will always remember. Concerts, theater, culinary experiences, squid eating competitions, and more! Book us early if you plan to visit during SquidFest.

George Street

St. John's, NL


The annual George Street Festival has grown to become an iconic event in the St. John’s calendar – a must attend attraction for tourists and residents alike. Over 40,000 people party on the “biggest little street in North America” for 6 straight days leading into the annual Regatta Day civic holiday. The George Street festival always begins the last Tuesday in July! With high-caliber concerts and a night so goo you won't remember you don't want to miss this one.

Holyrood Boardwalk

Holyrood, NL


Just minutes from Comerford's guests frequently take a walk on Holyrood's infamous Boardwalk.  The boardwalk ranges about 1.5 Km in length. It lines the horseshoe shaped harbour that provides a view you will never forget. Resturants, the marina, and the Holyrood Festival Grounds are all in this area! Make sure you take the time to take advantage of this opportunity while you are in Holyrood.

Whale and Puffin Tours

St. John's, Bay Bulls, and Whitless Bay, NL


Newfoundland provides a world class opportunity to watch whales. This is a must for all our guests. You'll be in awe as these enormous animals come out of the water to breach and put on a show. There are a number of different Whale and Puffin tour companies on the avalon, but book early as these fill up fast. Never seen Newfoundland Watching in action? Check out the button below to see if first-hand. 



Avalon Peninsual (pending season)


Each spring, Newfoundland is fortuante enough to catch one of the worlds biggest iceberg parade as they head through "Iceberg Ally".  Our guests always marvel over these 10,000 year old glacial giants as they arrive in many different sizes, shapes, and colours.  Icebergs can be seen by taking a boat tour, sea kayaking, or watching from the rugged Newfoundland coastline. 

​Interested in learning more about Newfoundland Icebergs? Click the button below:

Quidi Vidi

St. John's, NL


Quidi Vidi Harbour, or as Newfoundlander's call it "The Gut" was known as a historical fishing village. As you walk Quidi Vidi you will feel as if you were in an old fashion european fishing village. This area is near Quidi Vidi lake where The Royal St. John's Regatta (the oldest sporting event in North America) takes place. Quidi Vidi is now home to one of Canada's best microbreweries, Quidi Vidi Brewery. Make sure you put a brewery tour on your list of things to do. You may just find yourself sticking around for supper and the best kitchen party in St. John's.

The Irish Loop

Avalon Peninsula, NL


An Irish Loop Tour is a great family adventure while staying in the community of Holyrood Newfoundland. You can enjoy a one-day excursion around the Irish Loop. As you drive through a total of 18 different Newfoundland communities you may see Whales, Caribou, Icebergs, Birds, plus many Nature Reserves and Historical places along your way. For more information on the Irish Loop please click on the button below.

Ferryland Lighthouse and Archiological Dig

Ferryland, NL


If you're looking for a unique Newfoundland experience, head to Ferryland. Ferryland is also known as The Colony of Avalon was one of North America's first colonys that dates back to the 1700's. Visit to learn about the way of life and see the fascinating articifacts that have been collected over the years. The Ferryland Lighthouse offers much more than a jaw-dropping view. It's home to a fantastic culinary experience called Lighthouse Picnics. Visitors can purchase their basket lunch and head down to the lighthouse for the picnic of a lifetime! To see more on these great opportunities please see the buttons below:

Signal Hill

St. John's, NL


Signal Hill is one of Newfoundland's most popular tourist detinations.  This National Historic Site provides a glimpse into the past when Guglielmo Marconi recieved the 1st transatlantic wireless signal in 1901 and the second world war as it played host to the harbour protection infrastructure. Today, Signal Hill protreys one of the best views of both the city and the rugged Newfoudnalnd coastline. Interested in learning more about Signal Hill? Click the button below:

Salmonier Nature Park

Salmonier, NL


Salmonier Nature Park is a "hotspot" for Comerford's Guests. Located only 15 minutes from our units, please take the time to explore Newfoundland's native animals living in their natural environment. Salmonier Nature Park is a centre for environmental education, wildlife rehabilitation, research and environmental monitoring. A visit to the Park connects you to the stewardship of wilderness and wildlife.

Cape Spear

St. John's, NL


Have you ever dreampt of standing on the most eastern point in North America? Cape Spear offers that opportunity to all our guests! This is a must-see as it is only 40 minutes from our units. You will see the oldest surviving lighthouse in Newfoundland and Labrador . It has been restored to its 1839 appearance and shows how a lightkeeper and his family might have lived in the mid-19th century.  A great opportunity to see wildlife too!

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